Video: A Landscape of Art and the Church

This is a video I recorded for India Arts Movement's conference this past September, "Sinai Summit 2012." I recorded it in a study room on the fourth floor of the Perkins Library at Duke.  Based on a series of talks I gave in the fall of 2011 (see here for a "prologue"), it touches briefly on the church's relationship to art and worship, art and artists, and art and mission. The good man Krupa Stephen Gadde performed the recording duties with his nifty IPad. I, in turn, did my best to imagine a real audience in front of me and resisted every temptation to let my mind wander while staring at a pinhole camera. I even laughed at my own jokes.

I'm especially proud of my props. Feeling that it'd be a shame to be surrounded by unimaginative walls, I placed around me a fish candle, a Pepsi Cola bottle and a photograph I took for the Messiaen project; not the most feng shui arrangement, but it served. The powerpoint that accompanies the presentation failed to include one image towards the beginning. You'll probably catch it. Otherwise the powerpoint images provided material help to illustrate each point.

Many thanks to the team in India for all their hard work and for their generous invitation to join them in their inaugural event. May God continue to bless their good efforts.


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