Here are a few, somewhat idiosyncratic, but far from comprehensive, links to things I find interesting.

1. The book I had the privilege of editing for Baker Books, For the Beauty of the Church: Casting a Vision for the Arts.

2. FAQs about the book.

3. This is a retreat I have the rich opportunity to lead once a year in conjunction with Laity Lodge. It is chiefly, though not exclusively geared towards those who feel called to take care of artists in one form or another.

4. This is part one of my top ten science fiction novels.

5. This is part two of my top ten science fiction novels.

6. This is an art shop that my good wife, Phaedra, runs on Etsy.

7. Christians in the Visual Arts is an organization that I have the privilege of serving as a board member.

8. This is a conference for artists, pastors, theologians and educators that I had a blast helping to plan in 2008.

9. In this video, which I recorded a long time ago, I talk a bit about the importance of the arts to the church and to our cities.

10. In this video I talk about three exciting developments in the exchange between the church and the arts.

11. This video is a precis of talks I gave at Tyndale University College & Seminary in Toronto, CA.

12. Go here to see a great list of links to all sorts of art and faith stuff.


austinbiel said…
I just recently moved back to the Houston area. I was wondering if there was any chance I could meet you for coffee or a meal sometime? I know you are obviously busy, but perhaps you would be able to meet when school is out of session? Totally understand if you cannot. Bless you.

My email austinbiel at gmail . com

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