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How to Write a Good (Theological) Essay by Jason Goroncy

One of the things that I've found most challenging as a teacher is the un-even ability of my graduate students to write a good research essay. Partly it's on account to the fact that my students come to seminary from all sorts of educational backgrounds. Some come from the humanities, others from the sciences, still others from the vo-tech or business or kinesiology departments.

Some come to graduate school after a long absence from the academic world. My heart always goes out to these students in particular. I've been there.

And even if they come from the humanities, that doesn't mean that they were actually trained to write well. Few of my students were taught how to craft clear and simple sentences, how to build paragraphs that hold together logically and convincingly, how to create transitional statements that deftly take the reader from one thought to another, or how to generate arguments that are equal parts critical and charitable.

It goes without saying, moreo…

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