My Blog Has Moved!

This note is long overdue. It's almost four years overdue, in fact. But I decided to switch over to a SquareSpace website, and with it, all of my blog work. (Do people still blog? Who knows. I do so only occasionally these days.) Here is that website:

You're more than welcome to find me there. 

Or here on X, formerly known as Twitter (and hopefully one day again known as Twitter): @wdavidotaylor.

Or here on Instagram: @davidtaylor_theologian.

Or here on Facebook: wdavidotaylor.

Thanks for following me on this blog (if you're still doing so) and thanks for your support and encouragement over the years.



Matt Maldre said…
Thank you for this notice. In my Feedly reader, I have a folder of inactive RSS feeds. Your post appeared in this folder. I'm now subscribing to your new RSS feed.

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