A visit to the zoo

"I see you. I do."

Here are a few photographs from our visit of the Houston zoo and of Phaedra's parents, affectionately called grandpa and Mumsy.

"The first thing I do is hold this stick, just this way. Then I wave it around. Then I scream. Then I climb a tree. Now you try it."

"Straw is yum yum. It's always yum yum. You want some?"

"I am small, but I matter."

"I love my teeth."

Hanging on with Mumsy.


Somehow this giraffe made me think it belonged in a Sesame Street episode.

"Finally I get to touch an animal in this zoo."

A tiger in the distance.

"I stand here all day long and I do the same thing. I look at you. Seriously, all day."

"Daddy, that man looks funny."

Tuckered out after a long day looking at amazing animals.

Feeding Tessy the dog with grandpa.

A moment at the park

Flying home.


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