Phaedra's sassy Holiday art sale

Phaedra's turning into a proper businesswoman. I'm quite proud of her. I've seen her overcome the terrifying fear of venturing into the business world. Artists will be the first to tell you. Just because they're an artist, that doesn't mean that they're a manager/marketing director/ad campaigner/legal consultant/administrator. A few thrive in the business of selling their work. Many do it because they have no alternative. Most never give it a try. It's like asking a professional clown to be a National Aeronautics and Space Administration engineer also. Sure, some can pull it off. But it's usually rare.

That's why we need the church to kick it in. We need business men and women to come alongside artists (and vice versa, presumably) to help them get their work into the market.

I told Phaedra I'd play her amateur manager. This entry is a little effort in that direction. The following includes some of the work she's has produced in the last couple of months.

If you're interested, you can contact her here. See here for her initial note on her recent Holiday Boutique. See here for her report.

And, finally, see here for a huge range of photographs of her work. I've included a sample below. And here are her prices:

- Handwarmers: Small - $7, Large - $9
- Hand Painted Ornaments - $3.50 or 3 or $10
- Paper and Beeswax Ornaments - $6 for a bag of 7 - 2 large, 3 medium, 2 small
- Mohair Scarves - $32.00
- Hand Printed and Calligraphed Bookmarks - $3 - $5
- Small Encaustic Artworks - $30 - $50
- Framed Linocut Prints and Original Watercolors - $150.00 - $475.00


I love the encaustics!
Peace, blessings and Merry Christmas!
Thanks! The encaustics she's making have become some of my favorite work of hers.

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