Born and raised in Guatemala City, W. David O. Taylor is Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture at Fuller Theological Seminary as well as the director of Brehm Texas, an initiative in worship, theology and the arts. He completed studies at the University of Texas, Georgetown University, the University of Würzburg, and Regent College in Canada. He earned his Th.D. at Duke Divinity School.

Taylor’s most recent book is The Theater of God’s Glory: Calvin, Creation and the Liturgical Arts (Eerdmans, 2017). He is editor of For the Beauty of the Church: Casting a Vision for the Arts (Baker Books, 2010) as well as coeditor of Contemporary Art and the Church: A Conversation Between Two Worlds (IVP Academic, 2017). His book Glimpses of the New Creation: Worship and the Formative Power of the Arts, is due out with Eerdmans in 2019, and his book Open and Unafraid: The Psalms as a Guide to Life, is due out with Thomas Nelson in March 2020. Taylor has published articles in the Calvin Theological Journal, Christian Scholars Review, Worship, Theology Today, The Washington Post, Books & Culture, Comment, Image Journal, Christianity Today, Christ & Pop Culture, Syndicate, AAR's Reading Religion, The Artistic Theologian, and The Living Church, among others.

For twelve years, in full and part time capacity, he served as a pastor at Hope Chapel in Austin, Texas. There he supervised an arts ministry and the adult education program, along with preaching regularly. Having recently stepped off as a board member of Christians In the Visual Arts, he now serves on the advisory board for Duke Initiatives in Theology and the Arts as well as IVP Academic’s series, “Studies in Theology and the Arts.” He is a member of the American Academy of Religion as well as a participant in the “Visual Commentary on Scripture” project. He is a core participation in the four-year project “Theology, Modernity, and the Visual Arts,” hosted by King’s College, London. He leads an annual retreat for pastors and artists at the Laity Lodge and has lectured widely on the arts, from Thailand to South Africa.

In 2016 he produced a short film with Bono and Eugene Peterson: "Bono and Eugene Peterson: THE PSALMS." In the June 2016 issue of Christianity Today, he and his wife were featured for their work with the church and the arts. His artistic interests include playwriting, modern dance and film, and in recent years, science fiction literature. He is ordained in the Anglican Communion in North America and he lives in Austin with his wife Phaedra, a visual artist, gardener and cook, his daughter Blythe and his son Sebastian.

He can be found on Twitter @wdavidotaylor and on Instagram @davidtaylor_theologian.


Joseph Tenney said…
Hi there! I obviously don't have your email :) but had a question for you. I'm not even sure this will get to you! So I'm an arts pastor up here in Chicago. Actually did my masters work in theology at Duke Div graduating back in 04. So as an arts pastor, I have the privilege of having many many conversations around art and theology with various people in our congregation. One question that surfaces is one related to "paying" an artist for a particular job. Say, it's painting a mural for Global Missions...I often hear, "why do we always have to assume we must pay an artist for their work for the Church? Why can't their contribution be that of a teacher or any other volunteer? Why must money be involved?" Now, I DON'T believe money MUST be involved nor do I believe artists cannot volunteer gifts and resources to better the Church. We all should. But how would you respond to the thread that lies behind that question? This staunchness towards money & arts?? I hope that makes sense...Any good reads out there on this subject?
Joseph, I've just "friended" you on FB so I can answer your question properly.
Hello! I've just completed episode 3 of a web series that looks at the day-to-day life of a pastor. (in other words, a CHRISTIAN created something) and thought you'd like it. In fact, i really think you'll like it. Do I put the link in this comments thing?
BNS: I'm not sure this is the best blog to promote your web series, but feel free to put a link in the comments section for now. Thanks.
Stephen Watson said…
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Tarah VDW said…
Hello- I'm pretty thrilled to have discovered your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your life in art and faith. God's peace.
Tarah, thanks for saying hello. Very kind of you. God's blessings for the new year.
Kenneth Green said…

enjoyed your blog. Also appreciated your presentation at Preaching in a Visual Age at Ecclesia through Fuller last November. I don't have a facebook account, but could you shoot me an email for a question off-line? seaktb@gmail.com
thanks, Ken Green
Wayne said…
David, do you have a copy of "God and Guitars" by Michael J. Gilmour? If not, I can send you one as I have not been able to get into this volume.
Wayne: I don't have that book but would happy to have it. You can send it, if you wish, to this address:

3536 Rose of Sharon Rd
Durham, NC 27712-3334


Joseph Tenney said…
Hey David, got a question I'd like to ask you. Any chance u got an email for just this sort of thing? :-)
Joseph: apologies for the delay. Feel free to write me at david D0T taylor AT duke DOT edu.
편집자K said…
Hi, David. I'm an editor at Inter Varsity Press Korea. We're about to publish Mark Labberton's book and we just found his "greatest" photos on your blog! Is it okay if we use one of them for our cover wing? It would be grateful if you let us! Please reply!
Dano said…
Hi David. I appreciate your work. Who should be an arts pastor? How does one start shepherding artists?
Phu Dat Huynh said…
God Bless, Pastor David
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