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That time Bono dedicated "40" to you (and you freaked out)

It was July 10, 2015.

It was late in the night, much later than our usual "old people" bedtime. Phaedra and I had flown in to Boston from Houston, Texas. Among other reasons, we had come to see our first U2 concert. It's embarrassing to admit that we had never witnessed U2 live, but there you go. We were latecomers. But like the rest of the concertgoers standing near us, who happened to be mostly men in their 50s, we were sweaty and exhilarated. We had sung our lungs out for the past two hours.

I had spent the past year researching the band. I'd read everything I could on their early years. I'd pored over magazine articles, album reviews, long-form essays, fan forums. I'd watched interviews on YouTube about Bono and his faith. I'd corresponded with representatives of the One Campaign. And I'd spent an afternoon with Bono and Eugene Peterson in Lakeside, Montana, three months back, on April 19. With a view of Flathead Lake behind us, we had filmed a co…

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