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Prayers for a Time of Suffering

I've been writing Collect Prayers for sometime now. Last summer I wrote about how I get my students in my course on worship at Fuller Theological Seminary to write Collect Prayers all term-long, because I believe it's simply one of the best forms of prayer on offer. It's a form that frees us to pray in deeply biblically, richly theological, pastorally sensitive, and relationally attuned ways.

This year I took on the challenge of writing at least 100 Collect Prayers by the end of 2020; mainly for the fun of it but also as a way to put into words the things that I would like to tell God in prayer about all of life, not just the so-called "religious" or "usual" parts of life.

That includes, for example, a Prayer for Dashed Plans, a Prayer for Driving to Work, a Prayer for Feeling Stressed Out, a Prayer for Grocers, a Prayer for the Adoption of a Child, a Prayer for Those Who Feel Crummy on Valentine's Day, and a Prayer for a Fresh Start to the Day.


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