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On God's Reckless Love and Other Divine Adjectival Matters

I sang Bethel's "Reckless Love" for the first time this past Sunday. I'd only read about the controversies surrounding the adjective "reckless," summarized in this CT article; and I hadn't even heard the song all the way through. So it was a curious experience to find myself on the inside of the song, singing exuberantly, even forcefully, along with the congregation at Christ Church in Austin. A few thoughts came to mind while I sang it, and a few thoughts came to me afterwards.

1. I could only know what this song was on about "from the inside."

As I argue in my book, The Theater of God’s Glory, the arts, like the poetry of the psalms or the narrativity of Jesus' parables, engender a way to grasp the world through our physical senses, give us a feel for things that we might not be able otherwise to articulate, and enable us to perceive what, at first glance, may seem improbable or even impossible.

The arts invite us to immerse ourselves in…

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