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Calvin Against Calvin for the sake of Calvin and of the Arts

My book on Calvin's theology of creation is out. It's a book about the arts. It's also, more particularly, a book about the arts in worship. And thank God for all those things. Thank God also for all the good people that enabled it to see the light of day. What's the book about? Why should anybody care what it's about? 

The following is an excerpt from the introduction, which offers a context for the book and a reason why you might wish to purchase it (here), to read it (not only use it as a fine coffee table adornment), to digest it (rather than only to flip through it in non-providential fashion), to write a review of it (again, here), and perhaps even to recommend it to others (because you actually think it might do good in the world, as I do).

You might also wish to buy ten copies of it as stocking stuffers on account of the wonderfully subdued Christmas colors that adorn the front cover.

For those who wish to skip to a picture-book version of the project, please …

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