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On the construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction of a seminary student: A letter to my students

Dear friends,

Allow me to say out loud what some of you may be feeling at this point in the course, on a theology of beauty. Some of you may be feeling liberated from faulty ideas about beauty. Others of you may be feeling affirmed in your ideas about beauty. Still others of you may be feeling confused about your ideas of beauty. And some of you may be feeling depressed about beauty as a concept and hopeless about the possibility of ever using the word again without hearing a thousand qualifiers going "clang-clang, beep-beep, wait-stop!" in your head in the most clamorous manner.

If you've been in seminary long enough, you will know that for many people it involves the experience of deconstruction. Things you long thought or believed or did are questioned, or put under a different light, or deepened and expanded, or refuted and qualified, or they lose their taste altogether and you're left hungry for something better, richer, truer, but you can't quite figure ou…

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