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27 Daily Advent Devotionals

"Enfeebled Waiting Muscles that Wait With Hope"

The beginning of the church year, marked by the first Sunday of Advent, arrives again.

Oft-nicknamed a "Little Lent," because of its invitation to repent as a way to prepare for Christmastide, the time of feasting, Advent is a season in which we meditate on the coming of God in Christ by his Spirit. From the Latin "adventus," which is the Latin translation of the Greek word "parousia," a word frequently used to refer to the Second Coming of Christ, Advent asks:

"How does the original coming of God to earth and the future, eschatological coming of God inform our experience of God's coming here and now?"

More personally perhaps:

"What does it mean to commemorate and celebrate God's coming when he so often does not, in fact, come?"

Instead of seeing God's coming as a distant idea, fossilized in the past or far-flung in a seemingly perpetually receding future, both First C…

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