One Word Commentary

This is my bits and bobs blog entry. I'm going to give a one-phrase commentary to each article or curio I link, which I realize is not the same thing as a one-word commentary per the blog title. Mainly, however, the challenge is to keep it lean.

Here are things that have caught my attention in the world of the arts with respect to everything else.

1. Andrew Garfield: "Spiderman saved my life."

Did he now?

2. The Art of Worship: Paintings, Prayers, and Readings for Meditation (Yale Press: 2011).

Ocularcentricity at work? Maybe.

3. Interview with Vera Farmiga, director of forthcoming movie Higher Ground.

Very curious to see how she renders Carolyn S. Briggs' memoir, This Dark World: A Memoir of Salvation Found and Lost. See here and here too.

4. Marcus Mumford's parents work for Vineyard UK.

I didn't see that one coming. But glad to see charismatics generating a fine one. See this too.

5. Video games are not what they used to be.

Dumbfounded after watching the 20 minute "promo" of BioShock Inifinte.

6. The Band that Played On.

A review of Steve Turner's latest book about the musicians aboard the Titanic.

7. Baby Boy Idols.

And I quote: "In this manner, Justin Bieber was unleashed on our world to sing about things he has absolutely no familiarity with" (Christopher Yokel over at the Curator).

8. Violent Video Games and the Cathartic Kid.

That's one way to look at it (which at the very least deserves an honest hearing).

9. "Why not hack our bodies?"

A nice essay by Matthew Lee Anderson with reference to a theology of the body. And this is pretty creepy too (courtesy of Wired Magazine).

10. How to kill email before it kills you.

I'm listening.

11. America's first zero-packaging grocery store.

Where? No less than in the city that's keeping it weird: Austin, Texas.

12. Hilarious (for those of you who have ever found yourself in a foreign country and weren't exactly sure how to say the right word, fearing you might offend with the wrong one).


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