One Year at Duke: A Year in Pictures


kelly said…
Congrats on your first year! Here are some comments on some of the pictures and videos:

pic 1: Good posture!

pic 2 (after the video): Very cute house. That porch looks like it needs a couple of rocking chairs on it so y'all can say 'howdy' to the neighbors as they pass.

pic 3: Was that Geno's first time at a waffle house?

pic 6: Is that Nick Wolterstorff?

pic 8: Is that a 'stache??

video 3: 'Here we observe the pagan rites associated with the worship of a spherical idol known in its native tongue as "Basketball"'.

1. My pose for the opening pic was an exaggerated pose. I was pretending to type on an old fashioned type writer. Granted, I'd still look goofy if that were the case.

2. We have a swinging chair on the front porch. Almost as good as rocking chairs.

3. Not Geno's first time. It was simply the billionth time we'd passed by a Waffle House. They are mind-bogglingly popular in the south.

4. Yes.

5. Yes.

6. Very much and frighteningly yes.

(PS: I've finally responded to Zac Hicks' question in the previous blog, re. CWM IV.)
kelly said…
Some followup questions:

Does your porch swing squeak when you swing in it? If so, then it's worthy of a Southern porch. Break out the mint juleps.

Did you get to talk to Wolterstorff? From the picture it looks like you're sitting at his feet. I just finished his amazing book call 'Justice: Rights and Wrongs' and am quite looking forward to the sequel on justice and love.

Do you still have the 'stache or was that a brief moment in your revolving hair/facial hair experimentation?
Kelly, our porch swing squeaks just a little.

Yes, we did get to chat with him. Begbie had organized three "distinguished" lectures, which Wolterstorff kicked off in early February. The doctoral students working in theology and the arts got to meet with NW for breakfast the morning after the lecture. He's such a down-to-earth man. So wonderful, so un-pretentious, so thoughtful and attentive.

The 'stache was a brief interlude of four days. Phaedra said enough is enough and that was the end of it.
Aften said…
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Aften said…

I was wondering if you could give me some advice/direction. I actually met you at the Q conference in Austin, and I just finished getting my MCS in the Arts from Regent. I would love to be working for a church doing arts ministry, but I don't know really where to look because I haven't been able to find much in that area. Any advice?

Marcy Muser said…
OK, David, just one question - Photo #10 - which sister? :)

Marcy, that's both my sisters, Christine on the right, Stephanie on the left.
Marcy Muser said…
David, do give both your sisters (and your parents, too) my "saludos," won't you? Sure would love to see them sometime. I gather they are both living in the South or East, though, and nowhere out west? (I'm in Colorado, Melinda is in Utah, and Mike is in Nevada.)

Your mom taught me piano lessons; my mom taught Christine to read; and you were Mike's best friend for a number of years - so there are some tight bonds between our families. Please let them know I continue to pray for them.

Deanna (Porter) Marcy

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