Beauty & the Swagger Wagon

Here are six places that my book, For the Beauty of the Church, has shown up recently. Many thanks to all for the kind words.

Here is also a shout-out to all the families with minivans. Let this be a reminder to you that, yes, it's totally rad to drive a minivan. Just keep reading to the end.

1. Beauty in Canada: this is a fun interview that I did with the Canadian publication, Christian Week. Many thanks to Jenny Western, whom I first met at the Urbana missions conference back in 2000. At the time I led a seminar garishly titled, "A Theology of Art: Or why it's ok to paint a nude." What a deal.

2. Beauty in Canada Part II: this was a review that showed up on the Christian Week site.

3. Beauty in Austin: this is an article that journalist Eileen Flynn wrote for the Austin American Statesman. In it she talks about the book-signing event at Hope Chapel in early June. She also explores some of the book's contents in light of her own Catholic experience as well as of art in Austin, Texas.

4. Beauty at the Jesus Creed: Here is a review that Wesley Vander Lugt (also at St. Andrews University) wrote for Scot McKnight's Jesus Creed blog (see also here).

5. Beauty in Scotland: here again is a link to the first of the commentaries that the good folks at Transpositions wrote on my book. What a fine group of theology students.

6. Beauty at Image: the always well-spoken folks at Image Journal spoke well of my book. Very grateful for their word of commendation.

(Photo above is from the book signing event at Hope Chapel. Kelly Foster played the role of interviewer par excellence. Remnants from HC's Pentecost installation can be seen in the background.)


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