7 Things that are Beautiful

1. Binding a book the old fashioned way is beautiful.

Pictorial Webster's: Inspiration to Completion from John Carrera on Vimeo.

2. The love of a grandpa (Bill Taylor) for his grandson (Speight Twohey) is beautiful.

3. The Body of Christ doing a crazy dance that unites Christians from all kinds of churches in the city of Budapest is beautiful.

4. The way that Pixar works together as a team is beautiful.

5. Making the climbing of stairs in an urban setting more fun--and therefore getting people to exercise more--is beautiful.

Piano stairs - Rolighetsteorin.se - The fun theory from camiseta emprestada on Vimeo.

6. Well-spoken words are beautiful.

"When Christians sing corporately, they use an extraordinary repertoire. They repeat songs ascribed to a monarch who lived in the Middle East well before the foundation of Rome; they sing words and music composed by bishops in Dark Age Gaul and Italy; they use (in English-speaking countries usually rather abbreviated) versions of the songs of Martin Luther, and some of the Bronze Age monarch from the Middle East; they shuffle and polish with varying degrees of embarrassment the bourgeois pieties and medieval revivalism of the Victorian era.

One of the most evident marks of Christian continuity is, in other words, simply the regular business of literally making our own the rhythms and vocabulary of another age.... [When] we sing canticles, psalms and classical hymnody we express a unity across time as well as a unity across space."

Rowan Williams, Why Study the Past? (pp. 92-93)

7. The World Cup is beautiful.


great stuff...love them all...
Diary of an Austin Artist...
Jen said…
Thanks for a great Friday morning! Love it!

Awe! NICE!
Unknown said…
Well said! Thank you. Just picked up your book- again, thank you.
Dr. Jay Smith said…
Thanks David!
Thanks to all.
Hooser said…
Random question...would you comment on some of the things that this guy says about the arts?

Hooser, let me take a look at the video and see if anything strikes me immediately.

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