This Video deserves a blog post of its own

I'm working at the moment on a response to Matt Milliner's review of my book. Unfortunately I'm simultaneously working on finishing up a final paper on the psalms before I head off to Calvin College this Sunday. For the next three weeks I'll be taking a course on liturgical history. My research will look into the resurgence of liturgical art under the Laudian era in early 17th c. England. My gut says it'll be nothing but good times with Lester Ruth and John Witvliet (except for the part of being away from Phaedra).

In practice this means that I'm not able to apply even a modicum of brain cells to Matt's review. I refuse to knock off a response. His review deserves a serious consideration I want to respond as carefully as possible, because there are several important terminological and theological issues at stake.

For now I'd like to share with you a video that Erik and Shannon Newby showed me the other night. I find it exquisitely beautiful. The combination of playfulness, excess, color, urban setting and choice of music turn the video, I'd argue, into an exemplar of the best of commercial art.

Make sure you watch it HD and full-screen. (You might even need to go to YouTube itself, if the video shows up funny on my blog.)

Here's to expanding beauty upon the earth.


Rosie Perera said…
Yay! Bouncy balls! We used to have masses of them at Microsoft and throw them at each other all the time, pull pranks in people's offices with them, leave them with our tip at restaurants when we went out to lunch together, etc. We'd order them by the bag of 500. But I've never seen as many as in that video at one time. What fun!
That's great, Rosie. Very fun. I can actually imagine Microsoft people doing just that.
shannon newby said…
YES - exquisite, breath-taking beauty! :)
TXNYCgirl said…
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Unknown said…
I tried to find your contact info, but I can't fid it anywhere! So I'll just comment here. Do you do speaking engagements?
Unknown said…
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Joy, apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Blogger had not registered your comment and I'd not received any notice of it. The short answer to your question is yes.

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