A few PICS from the TCS

NB: sale of MP3s of the TCS main talks will be up on the TCS website soon. Please stay tuned. In the meanwhile here are a few pics from the three day extravaganza, not the best necessarily, just the ones I have so far.

Larry and I blessing everyone on the last day of the symposium.
Jeremy Begbie ripping it up on the piano.
Jeremy through a glass darkly.
Bryan Brown and company leading everyone in worship. Check it out. We're singing St. Patrick's gymanstic hymn. That's good stuff.
Brie Walker and Tim Jones performing Ps. 8. The lovely Alison Siewert directed.
Dal Schindell of Regent College and Bobby Gross of CIVA are deep in thought. "Is visual art good? Is it not good? Is it good? Is it not good? . . ." Sandra Bowden in background is saying, "Oh come off it, boys, it's good!"

The virtuoso Paul Finely tearing it up on la guitara.

Me talking to the Operation Mobilization boys in the hallway where all the art was hung. "No seriously, guys, the iguana I caught was this big. Seriously!"

John Witvliet commenting, Jeremy getting over jet lag.

The delightful Barbara Nicolosi explaining Aristotle's concept of beauty.

That dude is bold.

Andy Crouch being a little playful himself.

Six speakers in panel mode on the big screen. I wonder if you could psycho-analyze us by our body postures.
Luci Shaw praying during worship on Thursday morning.
Todd Garza and Amanda Davidson performing on Wednesday morning.
Eugene Peterson giving the benediction on Tuesday evening.

The cool dudes from Colorado. Michael Jordan is third from left. No joke.

Annette Christopher and Ceci Proeger dancing as the first thing that happens to open the symposium Tuesday at 10:30 am.


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