My Tea with the Mayor of Austin

A really, really wild thing happened to me today--really wild--and I was offered by a Great Gatsby type--this very morning--and he really is like the Great Gatsby--to fly me to New York City for an arts conference (the IAM thing with Makoto Fujimura; where Ann Cogdell is at the moment). After speedy thought, rapid prayer, and swift conversation with Jack and Steve, I've decided to go.

It's feeling like an enormously un-characteristic, insanity inducing thing for me to do, but here I go.

I have 30 minutes till I leave for the airport and I haven't even packed.

I feel like a character in a novel.

And I don't know what the weather is like in NYC. Cold, but what kind of cold.

Ack! Twenty minutes to pack!

Oh--and I did have tea this morning with a former mayor of Austin. Crazy morning.


noneuclidean said…
That's a great blessing! You have to tell us all how the conference goes. I would love to be there myself.

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