My Tea with the Mayor of Austin

A really, really wild thing happened to me today--really wild--and I was offered by a Great Gatsby type--this very morning--and he really is like the Great Gatsby--to fly me to New York City for an arts conference (the IAM thing with Makoto Fujimura; where Ann Cogdell is at the moment). After speedy thought, rapid prayer, and swift conversation with Jack and Steve, I've decided to go.

It's feeling like an enormously un-characteristic, insanity inducing thing for me to do, but here I go.

I have 30 minutes till I leave for the airport and I haven't even packed.

I feel like a character in a novel.

And I don't know what the weather is like in NYC. Cold, but what kind of cold.

Ack! Twenty minutes to pack!

Oh--and I did have tea this morning with a former mayor of Austin. Crazy morning.


noneuclidean said…
That's a great blessing! You have to tell us all how the conference goes. I would love to be there myself.
Elizabeth Smith said…
You Go! Pastor of the Arts on the move with the Holy Ghost! Better hold on Pastor! This is only the beginning of a screaming ride!!!

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