Blog Hopping: Welcome to the New Me

Hm. So this is weird. I feel like a sneak--on myself. I'm typing an entry on a blog that may or may not exist beyond today. What to do . . . .

I know. I'll post a picture. Ha. Never been able to do that. Nice.

Now what do I do? There it is--an image icon.

There you go. This is a photo I took in NYC two years ago; one of my favorites.

Hm. Now what?

Now I'm going to create a link to another site. How about the SevenDance company. There.

That's good.

Now I'll publish it. Oh man this feels so great.

So eeeeeeeeeasy.

Here's a large bottle of high-end Scotch to a picture-laden blog and no reprobate spam.


The picture looks pudgy. Hm. I wonder how to change that.

What a strange feeling. It's like someone's taken me shopping after a really bad day. New clothes! Just like a girl. But I'm not. So maybe it's . . . a new car. Just like The Price is Right.

Anthropos said…

Have you ever heard of Jeff Kasonis of Communion of the Arts in NYC? I met him recently and thought ya'll should be in touch. He planted COTA for artists and other cultural creative types in NYC. He shares with you a vision for an arts reformation in the church. He blogs at
COTA has a website at

Hope all is well with you and the Hope family. We miss ya'll.
Anthropos said…
Actually, it's Kursonis, not Kasonis, and his email is

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