Next Stop: Fuller Theological Seminary (and Texas!)

Dear friends, I am happy to announce that I have accepted the invitation to assume the position of Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture at Fuller Theological Seminary. I will also serve as the Director of Brehm Texas in Houston, Texas. I not only look forward to joining the community of Fuller in general, I also look forward to joining the community of Fuller Texas in particular and to serving its mission and body of students. I am excited to join the efforts of the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology and the Arts, and, with the Spirit’s help, to advancing Fuller’s commitment to spiritual, academic, and global formation.

In addition to teaching courses in systematic theology, in worship and in the intersection of both disciplines with the arts, I will be heading up a new effort at Fuller's Houston campus to extend the mission of the Brehm Center into Texas and beyond. See Fuller's announcement about this work here.

Frank Burch Brown once wrote that a "case could be made that, ever since the early nineteenth century, if not before, much of the finest art and music of spiritual and theological import—whether popular or highly cultivated—has been created without the Church’s blessing or, indeed, the Church’s knowledge.” Whether this is a fully accurate description of the case, it seems to me that there is enough truth in it to warrant an intentional and substantive investment by an academic institution like Fuller (much like St. Andrews University, Duke Divinity School and Regent College, among others) to serve the purposes of God for the arts.

My hope is that a Brehm Texas effort would benefit educators and seminary students, pastors and ministry leaders, artists and critical observers, and all those who seek a common vocabulary to advance the discussion of the church’s mission in the arts. My hope, as I've stated elsewhere, is that this effort would prod Christians to develop a vision capable of sustaining a long-lasting, fruit-bearing tradition of artmaking for the glory of God in the academy, the church and the world.

I can't wait to teach. I can't wait to research and write books. I can't wait to bring longstanding dreams into reality. I also can't wait to move to Texas; and neither can my family (who has persevered with me throughout this interview process).

The three of us can't wait to find good Texas BBQ and breakfast tacos and swimming pools and tickets to the Houston Rockets and the best route up to Phaedra's parents in Spring, Texas, and to the capital of Blue Bell Ice Cream (Brenham, TX) on our way to see my family in Austin.

Oh, and I can't wait to finish writing my dissertation.

All of which will happen around the summer of 2014 (three months from now).

It is with a gratitude, then, to God as well as to the board, administration and faculty at Fuller seminary for this tremendous opportunity that my family and I anticipate the beginning of a new season of work, friendship and ministry, for Christ and his kingdom.

Why Study at Fuller Texas? from Fuller Theological Seminary on Vimeo.


Unknown said…
Fantastic, David! Thrilled for you and eager to see the fruit of your ministry in this next chapter.
Dave Moody said…
Can't *like* this enough. Congrats!
Tim Stewart said…
Congratulations to you, David! How wonderful that Texas gets to have you so close to its heart.
Rosie Perera said…
Congratulations, David, and much joy to you and Phaedra and Blythe as you begin this new and exciting chapter!
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
DT - So happy for you and your family and Fuller! Just one more reason to make that next trip down to TX! Brian Moss
Unknown said…
Welcome to Fuller! We look forward to promoting all the great work you'll do and leadership you bring in this new role! How wonderful to have you! Love your excitement!
Unknown said…
Wonderful, David! You know I live In spring, so let's make it happen!!!!! Would love to get to know your family. Congrats, bro. Houston is great town, lots of culture. Been here 13 years and we loooooove it. You will do. And distance running is flat! Super perk! Love to you all!
Ron said…
Happy for you David and confident you will bring a lot of good in many directions from these two reference points.
Unknown said…
Looking forward to meeting you and your family! If you're as enthusiastic as your picture leads me to believe, let's definitely get our families together for some Blue Bell!
So I got this announcement while we were driving the route from Austin to Texas -- past medians filled with wildflowers, longhorn cattle, BBQ outposts -- and it was just the right place to do a Murphy family HAPPY DANCE with y'all!!! So glad for you and so glad for Houston and so glad for Fuller. Who knows? Maybe I'll be a student there one day. :)
Shane Tucker said…
David, Phaedra & Blythe - the road lies open before you and what an adventure awaits!

If you're passing through Nashville and have some time for a short break in your journey, please get in touch. You'd all be most welcome!

I hope we can re-connect in the near future, and maybe even collaborate together someday.

"There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind." - C.S. Lewis
(Ephesians 1:3, 3:20-21)

Rev. Shane Tucker
jay88keyz said…
Congratulations, David!
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
Woo hoo, David! Good to see you can keep fostering art and worship and keep pastoring people to do the same. Oh, yes, and most importantly keep teaching people how to host the presence of God in their art, in their worship, and in their lives. Love it!
Many thanks for all the kind words of encouragement. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity.
Maughtry said…
Excited to see the Brehm Center expand and flourish in Texas under your leadership. Also hoping that this means we'll be seeing you around Fuller Pasadena some.

David Lee said…
David, this is rather exciting, and when I first heard if the Brehm Center I thought you'd make a great fit for it. I actually stumbled upon the announcement on Fuller's homepage, and it was a welcome surprise.

I'm finishing up the second year of my MA here at the pasadena campus, so perhaps I'll see you around if you come visit the mothership.
Maughtry and David Lee: thanks for the good words, and I'm sure our paths will cross sooner than later, which will be fun.

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