Our 2013 Laity Lodge retreat in photos

The Frio River is muy frio.

Our fifth retreat on record, we had a fantastic time. Here are a few photographic highlights along with three videos from the weekend in which we explored the idea of "Artists as Caretakers of the Imagination." I'll post reflections soon. A heartfelt thanks to everyone who came and who made the retreat a special experience for all involved. (And I do sincerely wish I had a photographic record of everyone who came. Regrettably I couldn't get myself positioned rightly to capture everybody in action. This will have to suffice as a teaser to come next year.)

The Great Hall.
"Sinkin' about eet."

I'm imagining really, really hard.

Roger Feldman talks about his art installation.

The work in progress.

Artists think better when they doodle: take 1.

Artists think better when they doodle: take 2.

Artists think better when they doodle: take 3.

Isaac Wardell leads us in excellent congregational song.

Karl Digerness and company listen to Isaac.

Bang, bang.


Jamie in action, while his left hand glows, making us suspect that he's an X-Man after all.

Linnea Kickasola asks a question.

"I'm not sure about this imagination craze."

"Up here live the Fiffer-feffer-feffs."

Bruce Herman's Virgin Mary receives the word of the angel Gabriel.

David Lutes, Craig Harris, Ben B., Wen Reagan and Wendell Kimbrough.

The point is behind us.

To jump or not to jump.

"To jump" by Tim Mills.

"To canon ball" by Ben Bowman.

I smell trouble.

James & Taylor.

The good folks of the retreat.


Anonymous said…
Great pics and videos! Thanks for posting them, David. It was such a sweet time!
I love David Slade's face in the pic with Roger showing the model of his work. It's like he's thinking, "What in the world is Roger talking about...?"
It's a little bit ridiculous how much I loved everything in this post....
Ben: thanks, brother.

Tamara: so glad you could make it on Saturday and we did relish getting to sing happy birthday to you.

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