Our family Christmas

Stephanie and Scranton hanging out.

While the celebrations extended over a four-day period and kept us on the huff and puff, I can say with confidence that a good time was had by all. Last Friday the three sibling couples decided that instead of giving each other gifts we'd take each other out, as it were, to a nice restaurant and talk the night away (at La Fonda San Miguel in this case). On Saturday we plunged into all-day family Christmas party. Sunday we worshiped at Christ Church, observing the fourth Sunday of Advent and singing our hearts out. Monday found us back at Christ Church for Christmas Eve and a Middle Eastern-themed pageant. Tuesday we enjoyed a quiet Christmas Day proper with Nonna and Papa, which was brought to a peaceful end by a lovely dinner in their formal dining room.

We're in Houston now, hanging out with the Wendler family (grandpa and Mumsy, to be precise), and will take it easy till we return to North Carolina. We have clear eyes, full hearts, and find that we can't lose by sharing such sweet memories with dear family.

Cormac's baptism ... thoroughly submerged into the Lake Austin waters by his father, Cliff.

The prayers of the saints.

Brendan, Cormac, Skye and Bronwyn.

Amidst the stones.

An Ewok on the run. 

Through a glass darkly, which also happens to be Nonna's grand piano.

"So Nonna and I are about to go dancing and we're going to do this, then that, then this..."

In fair Lothl√≥rien.

Cliff and Christine and the kids -- "Oh mom and dad."

Hanging around part two: Speight and Sohren.

One word: cheeks.

Nonna, Papa and daddy are super excited about this gift.

Irresistible cheeks.


Dinner with Nonna and Papa.

The dinner spread.


Blythe's stocking.

Laughter larger than life.
Tired but happy.


Ron said…
Fun to see these pics. Had think really hard of that was Stephanie!! I would not have guessed Cliff would be the pastor at Christ Church when we were both in Don and Avid Davis home!!
Ron, yes, it's wild how much time has passed since we all crossed paths back in the day.

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