Beautiful devotional and contemplative art

Have you ever wonder whether all the good Christmas cards have been pilfered by sentimentalist gnomes from outer space? Ever wonder where all the good, local Christian bookstores went? Ever wonder why all the beautiful devotional art was disappearing from the earth?  I have.

Well wonder no more! And while you're at it, would you please help my wife to launch her fledgling business and by proxy help me to finish my doctorate?

There is plenty to choose from in her AMBROSIUM Etsy shop, and I've included a few options below: Thank You cards, Celtic crosses, Prints, Original Pieces, Vintage Reproduction Christmas cards, Custom gifts and Commissions, and more. Inspired by St. Ambrose, the patron saint of wax workers, all of her pieces are made in the tradition of Encaustic Painting. And if you don't find exactly what you're looking for, give her a shout and see if she can make it tailored just for you. And, yes, it's super affordable.

To sweeten the deal, if you buy something between now and November 1, she'll give you free shipping on domestic orders. When you purchase something through her Etsy shop, enter the code: ARTSPASTORBLOG.

And would you do us a huge favor? Would you please pass along the info about her shop and on this blog to your family and friends? Anything will help. Tell your grandma. Tell your pastor or your local bookshop. Tell your artsy friend or graduating student or wedding couple. Tell the POTUS if you would. (I've included other ways you can help her at the end of this blog.)

To contact Phaedra about custom orders: write her at phaedrajean AT GmAil dot CoM. (You know that's not what it's supposed to look like but, well, the evil spambots lurk about). Or convo her through her Etsy shop if you already have an Etsy account.

Here are ten further ways you might help Phaedra:

1. LIKE the Ambrosium on Facebook.
2. Give a print to a friend, tell them where you got it.
3. Share about the shop on FB.
4. Tweet about the shop.
5. Commission an original encaustic piece.
6. Link to the shop on your blog or website.
7. Consider giving prints as gifts to your lay ministry team, prayer team, small group leaders or volunteers (discounts available for large orders).
8. Commission an original work of art for your church sanctuary or educational wing.
9. Google "celtic cross print" and click on the shop (this boosts her spot in the google listings).
10. Look at the shop and tell her what you think should be different or share ideas you have to make it better.



bride said…
Phaedra is radiant and Blythe is blythe and beautiful !!
My fave is the celtic cross with lambs....I'm a lamb freak. B.A.
bride said…
Phaedra is radiant and Blythe is blythe and beautiful !! My fave is the celtic cross with lambs...I'm a lamb freak ! B.A.
Lambs are one of Phaedra's favorite animals in the world. So fun!
Lisa DeLay said…
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