Images for CT article on worship and visual arts

Church of the Resurrection (detail)
Since the online version of my CT article, "Discipling the Eyes," was not able to include include images from the magazine version, I'm creating a post just for the images. The article makes better sense if you can see what I'm talking about. (See here and here for two follow-up blog entries, including further images of Laura Jennings' artwork.)

Church of the Resurrection, Wheaton, Illinois, Easter service

First Baptist Church, Edmonton, Alberta

Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis, IN, Christmas 2011

First Baptist Edmonton (detail)


Judith Hougen said…

I very much enjoyed your CT article, which I read online. I am preparing a blog entry on worship arts and plan to quote your article. I also would like to use some of the images from this post. Would that be acceptable? Thanks and keep up the good work!

Judith, thanks for the kind words. Feel free to use any of the images from this post, and if you could identify their original sources, that'd be great too. Many blessings.
Judith Hougen said…

I just published the post I spoke of. I didn't have any real info on the photos I used, so I just named the churches and referenced your blog. I hope it's satisfactory. If you'd like to see the post, here's the link:

Blessings to you.
techne said…
my wife and i were married in first baptist church...
Very fun coincidence.

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