Another great resource for visual art and worship

"In the Garden" by unknown Ethiopian artist

Following up on the addendum I wrote for my CT article, "Discipling the Eyes: The visual arts can play a powerful role in worship--if we look closely enough," I'd like to recommend another website. Quite simply: it's fantastic. It's a site run by John Kohan, which he titles "Sacred Art Pilgrim." (See this interview by Luann Jennings over at Church and Art.)

Station XII by Eric Gill
In addition to pages that introduce you to what he terms sacred artists and schools of sacred art (not a term I'd necessarily use, but no worries), it also includes an entire section called "Sacred Art Meditations." This section traces a whole range of visual artworks, from contemporary to classical, from accessible to difficult, from western to non-western, along biblical categories. Those include "The life of Christ," "Bible stories and parables" and "Themes of faith."

The Mocking of Christ by Otto Dix
At the moment I can't think of a better resource for church leaders and lay Christians than this one. I'm sure other sites exist like this one. I'm just not familiar with them. Kohan has brought together an impressive collection on his website, which I regard as both artistically and theologically important. You'll not be sorry you visited it--and you might even get "lost in wonder, love and praise" for all things visually beautiful and stimulating. I've included here a few samples related to Holy Week. May it bless you and serve to deepen your journey through the passion of Christ.

The Crucifixion by A. Mropa
The Mocking of Christ by Jean Charlot
The Crucifixion by Jacques Villon


Bob Carltom said…
full CT article sits behind paywall - blurgh

any suggestion on accessing ?
cardiphonia said…
David. this is amazing stuff. I' can't wait to read your article on CT!
Bob, just noting here what I mentioned on FB, that the article will be accessible to the public somewhere mid-April.

Bruce, thanks, brother!
Jim Janknegt said…

Thanks for posting the info about Sacred Art Pilgrim. A great sight with much to peruse. Since I didn't see any of my sacred art on his site I sent him an introductory email and a link to my websites. Amazingly, John emailed me right back and bought two of my most recent paintings. Wow! that doesn't happen very often. And just in time to pay Uncle Sam. Warm regards, Jim
That's fantastic, Jim. So fun.
Epic said…
As usual, good content and food for thought!

The only example I've really seen of these things is when Mike Lewis showed up at a Youth Specialties conference, I was a youth myself, but the image paired with music etc. was powerful. Could do so much more...

I also found this definitive statement amusing, out of context of a facebook "like" box its even more amusing to me: "26,550 people like Christianity Today."
Marc, that's great, and, yeah, that "note" about how many people like Christianity today is kinda funny.

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