Vancouver: A photographic record

Beautiful British Columbia

Phaedra and I had a fantastic time during our visit to Vancouver in early May. The staff and faculty at Regent College welcomed us warmly, while the Pastors Conference brought me into conversation with very dear people. The weather remained friendly to our walkabouts around town. Friends, old and new, kept us company throughout--Bill Reimer, Rick Smith, Rikk Watts, Gordon Smith, Ahna Phillips, Brian Moss, Rosie Perera, Jo and Derek White, Laurel Gasque, Rod Wilson, Ross Hastings, Don Lewis.

I have only fond memories of my years at Regent (and a few embarrassing ones too--God help us for the dramatic sketches that I inflicted on the seminary during our Tuesday chapels).  I'm grateful for the generous service that that "green little bunsen burner" has offered for many years. I'm impressed with their commitment to the arts--herehereherehere--and I'm glad to see the large number of international students on campus.

I'm hopeful for the school and its role in shaping both laity and clergy, both future scholars and present professionals. And I'm always challenged by the humility I encounter in the faculty. Is there any better incentive to study hard? Is there any other way to inspire students to love the church and to serve their neighbors? I can't think of one.

Here, then, is a small photographic record of our time in Beautiful British Columbia.


This way.


Sounds of the homeland.

Weird performance artist with bullwhip.

Sushi (shared with good people).

In good company.

Regent College chapel--singing fulsomely.

Ross Hastings, Rod Wilson, myself and Paul Williams.

A sample of the Regent College library's gorgeous art collection.

Beautiful and Useful: "True North Wind Tower."

Anchor for Queen of Nanaimo Ferry.


After sun.


Tasty adult beverage.

Galiano Island.


View from the breakfast table at A Rocha BC.


Leah Kostamo and her beautiful girls.

Gobble, gobble.

Horse tails.
Markku (director of A Rocha Canada) and Leah.

Pike Place Market, Seattle.
"Would you like some olive oil with your gluten free pasta?"

Piano man.

Man's best friend: 1.

Man's best friend: 2.

Man's best friend: 3.

Man's best friend: 4.

Man's best friend: The end.

Driving back to one of the most beautiful airports in el mundo.


Rosie Perera said…
Love this post, especially the two photos that I secretly know something more about than most people reading this... :-)

It was so great to have you two here! Lots of rich memories come pouring back.

BTW, A Rocha is two separate words. It means "The Rock" in Portuguese.
Rosie: good memories indeed. And, ahoy, I shall change how I wrote A Rocha. Thanks for the heads-up. :)

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