DT and Artists in Atlanta, GA

I have been invited by the good people at Trinity Anglican Mission in Atlanta, GA, to help lead a conference for artists. The date for the event is August 13. All artists from any church (or no church, as the case may be) are welcome to attend. For details see here. To register go here. Cost is only $35 (which I think is a steal).

The event will include poetry readings by Anya Silver (one of Image Journal's "Artist of the Month") and the music of Micah Dalton (check out the PASTE mag quote below).

My two talks will explore ideas surrounding the identity and vocation of artists. It'll be great fun.

If you're within driving distance of this zip code--30318--do feel free to join us. Jeff Guy is heading this thing up and that means it won't be even a teeny bit boring.

“He may sound like an earthier, cleverer Ben Harper, but musically Dalton suggests mid-’80s Prince in the way he defiantly straddles so many styles, requiring an enormous musical arsenal to get his point across. These juxtapositions of sounds and style rarely feel forced or even deliberate, courtesy of Dalton’s soulful vocals and incisive songwriting.”



Anonymous said…
Looking forward to meeting you and hearing you speak. I'm excited to be a part of this!
Glad to hear that, Eric. Looking forward to meeting you.
Jenn Craft said…
This was the church I attended when I lived in Atlanta (and the one I go back to when I come back to the States!) I hope you have a great time! The people there are excellent and are definitely doing good things in the world. I'm excited to hear about this event, so please post some reflections on it!
Jenn, it's a small world after all. Who would have thought? I'm very much looking forward to being with the folks at Trinity Anglican. I'll try to post something.

Greetings from across the Pond!

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