If you publish a book,
a parish curate accuses you of heresy,
a college sophomore denounces you,
an illiterate condemns you,
the public derides you,
your publisher renounces you,
and your wine dealer cuts off your credit.
I always add to my prayers, 
“Deliver me, O Lord, from the itch of bookmaking.”

-- Voltaire, Alphabet of Wit

Lately I've felt drugged by the amount of books I've been ingesting. Doctoral work is beastly business some days. A sense of humor goes a long way to keeping one sane.


Anonymous said…
Hilarious! Thank you! :~)
perfect. plus gives a whole new meaning to "eat this book" -- did you read that, by the way? ;)
Yes: Eat This Book. That's what it feels like some days and the way they played the scene was hilarious.

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