Our Christmas Pictured

My nieces Bronwyn and Skye.

Nonna reading a story to the grandchildren.

My father playing his beloved accordion.

The Warner family jumping high into the sky.

My sweet niece Skye.

The women.

The men.

Phaedra reading *One Wintry Night* to Bronwyn.

The kids trying desperately to coordinate their jump.

My Italian grandfather telling Christine about the first time he set eyes on her as a baby.

My mother playing excerpt from Bach's Prelude in C from the Well Tempered Clavichord. 

My sister Stephanie with her boys.

Phaedra displaying the Scotty Dog tin tea set.

Cormac planting a kiss on his mother's cheek.

Reaching for a kiss ourselves.


Just was reading an essay on the word felicity and, well, your post would have made a fitting illustration.
Tamara, we prayed for a "felicitous" time with family and God graciously answered those prayers. Celebrations with extended family can be a complicated affair. It always takes work to keep things healthy and it's rarely straightforward. But the work is always equally worth it.
Unknown said…
Simply beautiful, especially the last photo! Thank you for the many times your thoughts have blessed me.
shannon newby said…
What wonderful photos!
Very kind of you, Michael.

Shannon, it helps to have a good camera and a fancy lens. :)

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