Our NYC trip in photos

What's not to like about subways?
When I take trips like the one we just did recently to New York City, they are not without consequences. Usually I return home to an impossible pile of school work. I sweat and swear my way through the late nights required to catch up. I don't think I've had to study as hard as I do in this program at Duke. I genuinely love the research and writing and I am not unaware of the privilege that it is to spend my days studying. But I do get spanked when I'm gone too long.

One unfortunate consequence of my trips outside of Durham is that I become somewhat un-social in Durham. I wish it were different; at times I do feel genuinely bad. And I don't agree to these trips without long conversations with Phaedra and a few earnest prayers. But the reason I take these trips is that in visiting with artists and churches around the country I am reminded why I'm at school. I am reminded afresh for whom I study, and that honestly makes all the difference. It makes the late-night and long-weekend catch-up sessions worth it. So long as my marriage is healthy and my spiritual life is in tact, I'm ok. (Well, to be frank they also occasionally help pay the bills.)

That said, I have no mental energy to write up my thoughts from our time in NYC. I'll do that shortly. In the meanwhile I'll leave you with a few photographic highlights. Both Phaedra and I really did love our time in New York. What a great city, what great people, and what ridiculously good food, of all sorts, from all countries, at all times of the night and some of which is, thank God, gluten free. We can't wait to go back.

Street cart hot dogs always taste better. Lots of grease? Yes, please.

That's right. You feelin' the danger, buddy?

A fine collection of Regent College alumni

My Italian mother would love this picture. 

Chinese hot pot. Yum yum. Hot hot.

Phaedra beholding the glory: a gluten-free bakery.

St. John the Divine: a small church in New York City.

What happens if you sit for too long in St. John's.  The ghost of me.

What? There's something big and nasty behind me? 

Flying with the lady who is practically perfect in every way.

The museum where Phaedra wept for love of so much beauty.

Hey! Why's the guy behind me imitating me?

St. Michael's Church where I spoke. Here pictured: me, Gordon Fee, Maria Fee and Kenyon Adams. Gorrr-geous art and architecture.

Goofing with some of the CIVA board members. Who's that guy with the scrappy hair?

All Angels Church folk: David Berry (PhD candidate at Julliard), Russ Wedelich (music engineer genius), Marco Steuernagle (PhD candidate at NYU in theater). Artists. Love 'em.

Kindred spirits. Twinkle, twinkle.

Kindred spirits in Central Park.

A beautifully useless bug in the subway station.

Very fine hosts: Brian and Maria Fee.

Big ol' E-Harmony in Times Square.

Two generations of relational harmony. Very happy.


I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your work.So although you are tired from traveling know that it was worth it. I just started going through your book with some other folks in my church here in Bellingham WA, and have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. Especially the break down of culture and the admiration for the useless things. Blew my mind.

VHJ, thanks for your kind words. It's fun to hear something from somebody who lives in Bellingham. Having visited a few times I know it's a special place to live. Glad you're reading the book with other folks. I think that's probably the best way to read almost any book.

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