Wolterstorff, Validation, the Ides of March 4

1. The first of Duke Divinity School's Distinguished Lectures in Theology and The Arts will be given by renowned scholar Nicholas Wolterstorff and will take place at Duke Divinity School this Thursday, January 21st at 5:30pm. The title of his lecture is:

"Through Beauty and the Aesthetic to Art in Life."

Professor Wolterstorff is Noah Porter Professor Emeritus of Philosophical Theology at Yale University. DITA (which stands for: Duke Initiatives in Theology and the Arts) is directed by Jeremy Begbie. To learn more about Dr. Wolterstorff's lecture as well as upcoming lectures and Begbie's larger vision for theology and the arts at Duke, visit the home site of DITA.

By the way, I copied the above from the New Creations blog, managed largely by Leif Bergerud. He is doing an outstanding job collecting material in the art and theology field. He's also compiled a rockstar-worthy End-of-2009 Best Of lists (but click down to Dec. 31 to see the sheaves of lists).

2. Validation. This is a short film that my friend Martha Rasco sent me. It's brilliant.

3. The Ides of March 4: Or, Why We All Want Spring Break Real Estate

It has been brought to my attention at least 30 times. The
Laity Lodge retreat lands smack dab in the middle of the IAM Encounter
and the Biola Arts Symposium and a host of other events worthy of our attendance. Let me repeat myself. I am genuinely sorry for the overlap. Our respective events were planned long in advance of each other. We discovered the unfortunate timing only after it was too late to do something about it. I think the world of IAM, and I hope their event succeeds immensely. I also trust that God will guide people wherever they need to be this year. But for what it's worth, I wish folks didn't have to choose.

We've communicated with Mako to offer well-wishing for this year's Encounter. I'm friends with the people behind the Biola conference and their schedule looks tremendous. If you're unsure how to decide, decide geographically: East Coasters go to IAM, West Coasters go to Biola, and anybody in the middle come on down to Tejas.

Otherwise there's always next year.


J A Dunham said…
Thanks for showing us the good stuff! I enjoy reading your blog :)
Thank you.
LOVE the cheekbone lady!
oh, SNAP, I spoke too soon! I LOVED the entire film. Brilliant is the right word, for sure.
Terri Fisher said…
What a great short! I thought to myself, hmm... that Validation guy reminds me of someone I know. :)

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