Moving Images

We're moving! And I'm in a Subaru commercial! (July 29)

Packing the garage in Austin. (July 25)

Packing the last "shapely fitting lady" into the truck in Austin. (July 30)

Unpacking boxes into our new office/studio room in Durham. (Aug. 7)

Unpacking the last two boxes from our truck in Durham. (Aug. 7)

Welcome to our new home in Durham! (Aug. 5)


John said…
Great house! So happy for you!!!
Welcome Home, Taylor Family!
Terri Fisher said…
Cute house that will only improve with y'alls creative touch!
d said…
Is the longhorn shirt a statement? (Maybe a declaration?)
Wonderful -- peace & blessings in your new home!
Sarah said…
I've been preoccupied with the entrance of a child into my life and haven't been keeping up with the blog. Why did you move? New job? Cute house, btw.
Sarah: I've begun a doctorate at Duke, studying theology and art. It's a four-year program, so we've accepted the fact that EST is going to feel more normal than CST by the time we're done.

Congrats on your baby.

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