$150 Student Rate + new Day Rate for TCS

It's going to hail tonight, big honking Texas-sized hail. Last night I watched Nightly News on ABC for the first time in seven years. (Who is that host?) I picked up my granddad's copy of TIME and found three amazing articles: 1) "Downsizing Style: Why kids are the latest consumers of pricey designer clothing and accessories," 2) "The Science of Romance" which explores our evolutionary need for "love," and 3) "Your Own Personal Paparazzi: Want to feel like a celebrity? Just hire people to follow and photograph you for a night," which, good gosh, featured a friend of mine who used to attend Hope Chapel. Your own personal paparazzi. Nice.

Yesterday I drove seven hours back and forth to Dallas in a thick fog for a luncheon to promote the Transforming Culture Symposium. Today I re-arranged my living room with Phaedra, now our living room, and it's throwing me off emotionally. I sent off the contract for the Symposium book. I've got three and a half months left in my job as arts pastor at Hope. I'm behind on my application to St. Andrews. I've got a pile of bills and receipts from the wedding that are overwhelming me.

I'm married and my life is changing at an accelerated pace. 35-plus years of singlehood life don't get shook off easily. My life is weird but not bad weird, just weird weird.

Anyhoo, this entry is a Symposium-only entry.

We'd like to offer a limited discount for students for the Transforming Culture symposium, at a registration price of $150. The fee will provide the same benefits as full price registration. To take advantage of this special rate, please fill out the online registration form and in the comments section at the end of the form, please note you are a student and you will pay by check. Please mail your $150 check, made out to Hill Country Institute, to P.O. Box 1664, Austin, Texas 78767-1664.

Please tell as many students as you know and to any faculty who could make this information known to their students. We sure hope this helps as we really do want as many students involved as possible.

As of yesterday we are offering a day-rate:

$85 for regular registration
$50 for students

But take advantage of it now because it'll go up closer to the time of the symposium. And now it sounds like I'm a commercial on the radio. Oh well. So be it.

We're super excited about the folks who are coming down for the symposium. It's going to be a great experience.

I'm listening to the R&B and Hip-Hop station, my wife is making a smoothie for us, half our living room looks like a wreck, I stink from my workout at the gym, tomorrow I meet with our artist leadership team at Hope. It's Saturday night in Austin, TX.


matt boulter said…

Congrats on the marriage! Hey, I had a stack of cards for the event but I think I got rid of all of them. I am taking classes at ETSS (as part of my transitioning process) and I have not seen this at the seminary (I don't think).

I will put them up (cards, posters) if you will get them to me; I can pick them up.


Unknown said…
What kind of music is Hip-Hope :)

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