An Art Symposium for Pastors and Artists

So here it is finally. Hallelujah.
And now I'd like to experiment with a bit of guerrilla marketing; not like the guerrillas that I grew up around in Guatemala, the revolutionary kind, but the unorthodox.
Challenge #1: to get anybody who reads this to pass notice of it on to five people, and then those five to five others, and so on. How many times? I'll take five cycles. Five to the fifth power = 15,625 people.
Link it in your blogs. Post it on your myspaces. Emboss it on any web surface.
Challenge #2: that at least one person in every state of the US and every province of Canada would know about the symposium. That would give me a good laugh if it really happened. I'll also take at least one person on every continent. It'd be a headache of a journey across the oceans, but we'd be tremendously served by having non-North Americans in the discussion.
So there you go. We'd be much obliged for the guerrilla help.
Our work is driven by one thing: a passion to help artists by serving their pastors. And we can love their pastors best by providing them with an enriching experience of art in its relation to the GOSPEL, the PASTOR, the WORSHIP, the ARTIST, the DANGERS, the FUTURE, and the CULTURE.
Pass this on to pastors and ministers in your area. Invite artists to come out. Forward this on to as many folks as you think might be interested in such an event.
Artists as Agents of Grace. Pastors Rich in Imagination. The Church as a Patron of the Arts. A Winsome and Prophetic Renewal of Culture. Join the conversation.


David, for the Steering Committee

DATE: April 1-3, 2008.

SPEAKERS: Eugene Peterson, Jeremy Begbie, Barbara Nicolosi, Andy Crouch, David Taylor, John Witvliet.


AUDIENCE & PURPOSE : The symposium brings together pastors, church leaders and artists to discuss the Church's relation to the arts and to artists. If you are interested in exploring the ways in which we can encourage a more theologically informed, biblically grounded, liturgically sensitive, artistically alive and missionally shrewd vision for the Church and the arts, then we welcome you to join us for a stimulating and refreshing two-day conversation.


Substantial discount for pre-Jurassic early bird registration, but it shan't last long—just like the dinosaurs.

"When TIME magazine compiled a list of the one hundred most significant people in twentieth-century art and entertainment there were only five who had shown any public signs of Christian faith." ~ Steve Turner, Imagine: A Vision for Christians in the Arts


Stejahen said…
Awesome! Finally something like this in Texas!
micah said…
hoorah. i can't believe this line-up is going to be in austin. so very thrilling. so excited for the symposium and for you. i will pass the word on and will attempt to be an "early early bird".

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