Retreating with the Chrysostom Society

Sort of. Not really. I'm taking most my Arts Council on a retreat to the Laity Lodge this weekend (Milton, it's not too late to come), but it just so happens that we'll be sharing the camp grounds with the illustrious Chrysostom Society. The Society includes folks like Philip Yancey, Eugene Peterson, Richard Foster, Luci Shaw, Virginia Stem Owens, John Wilson, Jeanne Murray Walker, and other blahblahblah great Christian writer people; folks who've been around the block and understand a thing or two about good writing.

May they be fruitful and multiply themselves into the younger generations.

We actually shared the same weekend last year. We had a great time volleying back a few choicely placed lymerics and had opportunities for friendly conversation over meal times. We'll see. They have their business to attend to, we have ours (sleeping, eating, laughing, sleeping, hiking, sleeping, canooing, sleeping, in short doing what a retreat ought to be doing: relieving our bodies and souls of the madening weariness we carry like burdens week after week after week). Paths will cross if they're meant to.


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