An Interview with the Trinity Artists Blog

In preparation for my visit to Atlanta and the arts conference that Trinity Anglican Church will be sponsoring, I gave a little interview for their blog. Below are sample questions I answered. The rest you can find here. Info about the conference can be found here. Photo above is from our trip into the Blue Ridge Mountains (Lustre Pearl is this kickin' place in Austin). Photo below is from our brief stop at the (very curious) On The Edge Saloon, which did in fact sit perched on a mountain ledge.

Q: If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

DT: That’s easy: a wolf.

Q: How do you stay motivated and disciplined as an artist in our distracting society?

DT: Ritualized practices make a world of a difference. And I make sure that somebody knows and cares what I’m working on and has permission to ask me how I’m coming along. That person can ask me at any time why I’m allowing myself to remain distracted and can pull out the BS meter whenever I start making repeated excuses.


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