Our Laity Lodge Retreat: In Photos

What a beautiful, beautiful time we shared out at the Laity Lodge this past weekend. When I return to Durham I'll try to take a moment to jot down a few reflections. For the time being, here are a few photographic memories of the good people that made up a fantastic retreat.

Morning session (with Brian Moss fist-pumping in the back.)

David with Father Gregory Matthewes-Green

Emily Adams dancing for Sunday morning Eucharist service.

5 Minutes Max: "What do I say?"

5MM: "I kid you not. The armadillo rested in my hand like this."

DT: "Jay, you have 1 min. left." Jay: "OK."

Teaching on four virtues of an artist.


Frederica Matthewes-Green and Co.

"Have you ever ... eaten horse or a dog?"

"Have you ever ... shook hands with a president of a country?"
Shannon and Phaedra lead encaustic workshop.

Debra Fung putting the heat on.

Brooke Waggoner playing magically cinematic melancholy music.

Brooke saying something mischievous.

Brooke above and below.

Interview with Father Gregory and Frederica.

Sharing many fabulous meals.

Windy hug.

Brad and Brooke, PJ and DT.

Jumping over water.
The fabulous 50.


Ancient Mariner said…
A life lived well and filled with beauty...

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