The photographer for the Christianity Today article: Holly Fish

One of the things we love most is collaborating with artist friends. It's for that reason that Phaedra and I high-fived each other when we heard that Christianity Today had contracted our photographer friend, Holly Fish, to photograph the article that Andrea Palpant Dilley would be writing on our work with the church and the arts ("Meet the Man Behind the Bono and Eugene Peterson Conversation"). (See here and here for more about that particular project.)

It's also the case that Holly's husband, Jeff, has been a friend of mine since 1993 when we, along with Cliff Warner, now an Anglican priest in Austin, did a manuscript Bible study with Brian Wallace, while we were all students at the University of Texas. Both Jeff and Holly, and their two daughters, live in Waco, where Jeff teaches in the Classics Department at Baylor University.

Holly's photography is saturated with light in a way that captures the details of nature and of her human subjects. She also has the capacity to make people feel at home in their own skin, while a camera lens zooms in on their faces. We loved what she captured during her visit to our home in May. CT, of course, was only able to use a handful of her photographs, due to space limitations. But there were plenty more that, for us, have now become a lovely record of this season of our life.

Do check out her website. She lives in the same city as the Fixer Upper folks, and I'm sure she'd consider traveling to you if were looking for a family photographer. I'm including below a sample of our favorites.

The last thing I'll mention here is that this season of our life involves the adventure of adoption. We created a page on "YouCaring" to raise funds to bring home Baby Taylor #2. If you'd like to contribute to the fund, you can go to this link here, which includes more information. As I've frequently said to friends, the whole thing is humbling, but we are grateful for the dear community that reminds us we're not alone.


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