40: a photoblog

I've decided to devote a few blog entries to making sense of turning forty, which I did yesterday, April 17. For now I'll leave here a few highlights from my day, which was spent splendidly with Phaedra and Blythe. Oh, and we've decided to celebrate my 40th for seven consecutive days. We're not sure what ethne or culture on this planet commemorates birthdays for multiple days, but we're ready to join them, whoever they are.

These are the beautiful flowers that my parents gave me.

Blythe is drumming her bottle to the beat of the music that accompanied our morning.

For breakfast, we had mango with lime, salt and mint...

Huevos MotuleƱos out of the La Fonda San Miguel cookbook. SENSATIONALLY tasty.

Our cafecito.

Phaedra's first chocolate Easter egg, courtesy of Betty's in York, England.

With a surprise white chocolate rabbit inside.

Phaedra's gift to me. Cin cin!

A can I've had since my 30th birthday. It's time to retire it.

A baby in the sky.

An action shot just after our family workout around the Pond.
PS: that shirt is from 1986. Dig it.
And it's Chuy's in a hat.


Cherry Moore said…
David, years ago someone challenged me to pack as much truth into as few words as possible. My solution to that challenge is illustrated - beautifully - in your recent blog posts. Here's what I said: "Jesus loves you (and me). Children change your life." I love witnessing how this truth is unfolding in your family.
Shaun said…
So since you're celebrating for seven days I'm not too late to wish you a happy birthday? I do hope you'll accept it :)

Hi to the family. We miss you guys.
Anonymous said…
I would say happy birthday in Spanish but I don't know how to type the "enye" and that would not be good.... So Happy Birthday brother! Love the pics!
Cherry, I agree wholeheartedly.

Shaun, it's never too late to wish a man a happy birthday. And welcome back to you guys!

Ben: gracias carnal!

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