The 12 Days of Blythe

1 . stands for one beautiful baby girl, Ruby Blythe Marie.


2 . stands for two tired but happy parents.

Going for a walk.

So tiny, so tender.

3 . stands for the three persons of the Trinity who watched over her birth.

Everywhere we go.

4 . stands for the floor at the UNC hospital on which she was born.

Day shift.

5 . stands for the floor on which we recovered.

Gently, gently.

6 . stands for the medical personnel involved in bringing Blythe to safe delivery.

Night shift.

It takes a village.

7 . stands for the number of grandchildren that my parents now have.

My blessed mother with me at four days old.

My blessed father with me at five days old.

8 . stands for the number that I counted every time Phaedra pushed during a contraction, and I counted to eight four times per contraction, Lord help us.


Up, down, up, down.

9 . stands for the month on which Blythe was born.

La siesta perpetua.

10 . stands for the hour on which she was born.

Grandpa Wendler.

Mumsy Wendler.

11 . stands for the day on which she was born.

The little things.

12 . stands for a fresh clean baby.

Squeaky clean in ducky towel.

Today is Blythe's twelfth day of life and with wholehearted and happy sighs of "She really is our baby," we praise God from whom all blessings flow.


Gia said…
Wow - what a beautiful recollection. I could not be happier for you two, and especially that baby girl. Congratulations and well done! Blythe will forever put magic in your days.
kristin said…
Very happy for you both. Kristin and I welcomed our son Luke on the same day in 2002. Great day, great gift.

Blake and Kristin Richison
Geno said…
Wonderful collection of pix and commentary. You three are blessed. May God be praised! We continue to pray for you all--great health, peace-filled sleep and grace-filled interaction as Blythe grows up.
Alex Humphrey said…
Congratulations! That is so exciting and wonderful!!

Those pictures are a fantastic retelling of the story.
Laura: when Phaedra was pregnant I would often refer to her womb as the place "where the magic happened." Now the magic is happening in external, mobile and very tactile form. Crazy.

Blake: great to hear from you, brother!

Geno: you are always a beloved name in our house. Thank you for your prayer.

Alex: a kind thank you.
Ed said…
Wonderful photos, David and Phaedra! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. We're looking forward to meeting the new criatura.

Someday you'll have to fill us in on the "up,down,up,down." What does that graph depict?
Eduardo, que paso! The machine shows Phaedra's contractions. That's the bottom squiggly line. The top squiggly line depicts Blythe's heart rate.
lynne said…
Wonderful collection. It does a heart good to see the beauty of new life, and life shared as a new family. Thank you. So incredibly happy for you! Beautiful Baby Blythe -- congratulations on the arrival of this long awaited gift.
So nice to get a sense of your experience - guess all those pictures add up to 1200 words (:
When I saw that pic of your mom and you I thought it was a pic of Stephanie now! Wow!
David, why do you still look 26? So wrong.
I'm very glad for you and your whole family. I look forward to seeing you three! Love, LJ
Lynne: thank you for your sweet words.

Laura: yes, a few images are very much worth several thousand words--for now. And as far as appearing like a 26 year old, well, I think if you looked closely, you'd see that the river delta continues to expand lines in the face. Alas, Mary Kay can help only so much. :)
Dave said…
My wife and I just welcomed our daughter into the world this weekend, as well. The joy that is evident in your words resonates with me as a fellow member of "the club." Blessings on your family.
Dave, thank you--and super congrats to you too!
Thomas Cogdell said…
David, the Cogdells are rejoicing with you from Austin! Love the name ... may the Lord bless and protect her and your family during these early days of parenting.

Much love,

OK, I've been inspired by your post to leave 12 comments:
1. first off: all newborns are beautiful -- that's a given. Not all babies are gorgeous, though. Your daughter totally is.
2. I love the way you got all four grandparents in this post. I love the expression on Mumsy Wendler's face. :)
3. The pictures of you and your parents are 100% priceless. Plus, you were adorable, too!
4. Your mother is also gorgeous.
5. So is your wife.
6. You are surrounded by beautiful women.
7. way to go thinking to take pics of the contraction monitor. It literally hurt me to look at it though...too many painful memories. :)
8. Praying your parents made it there safely and you all enjoy much fun together. Also, that they'll spoil you and Phaedra and Blythe rotten and you'll maybe get a nap or two.
9. Twelve makes a long list.
10. The Murphy family will be eagerly waiting to meet Miss Ruby Blythe in person in a few months. Please tell her to keep growing those cheeks for lots of kisses.
11. The Murphy family will also be excited to see Blythe's parents.
12. I don't quite know how to put into words the feeling I have looking at your family photo -- but to quote Gordon Fee: "grace, grace, it's all grace"
Anonymous said…
Oh my, is she ever so sweet! It's so fun to see her, and you two with her. I recognize the looks on your faces... there's just nothing like it! Enjoy!
Anonymous said…
And, by the way, Brian and I dig Papa Bill's 'do.
Thomas: thank you my man!

Tamara: love and double like. Very impressive. :)

Katy: we like my dad's 'do too. Lamb chops are always chic. And warm greetings to you guys while we're at it!
kerri said…
Beautiful pictures! Congratulations!
Unknown said…
These photos are wonderful! Congratulations!!!

Thank you for all you say and do to encourage the struggling, and not-so-struggling, artists out here. Also, I am very excited to have your book in our Art Room Library-

Thanks, Michael!

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