DT at Redeemer Pres in NYC + 2 radio interviews

(A work in progress: Laity Lodge, March 2010)

The good folks at Redeemer Presbyterian in New York City have invited me to be a part of their Inter Arts Fellowship this fall. I'll be there the weekend of October 15. It also looks like I'll be double-billed with Dr. Gordon Fee, which totally rocks. He was one of my favorite New Testament professors in seminary.

The purpose of the Redeemer arts event is to bring artists (and others) together to think carefully about the intersection of life, faith and art. I'm excited to be there, especially as it will give me a chance see Luann Jennings, Kenyon Adams, Maria Fee and other quite wonderful people. I think the event is taking place in a "beautiful sacred space" yet to be determined. Other artists may be performing as well. To see further info, go here.

This Friday, March 26, I'll be on air with Paul Edwards, the host of WLQV, the Salem Radio Network talk radio station in Detroit, MI. It'll all happen at 5:05 pm EST, running for about half an hour, here.

This coming Monday, March 29, I'll be interviewed about the book on ABQ Connect in Albuquerque, NM. I'm guessing, by the looks of modern technology, that you can hear the interview from anywhere on the planet. See, er, hear here. It'll take place from 1-1:30 pm MST.

Speaking of listening, here is a fabulous statement by Karl Barth on the (lost art) of listening. I think every counselor should post this on the wall behind their desk, especially in their pre-marital counseling sessions.

“Most of our words, spoken or heard, are an inhuman and barbaric affair, because we will not speak or listen to one another. We speak them without wanting to seek or help. And we listen to them without letting ourselves be found or helped. This is the case not only in private conversation, but in sermons, lectures and discussions, in books and articles. This is how we both hear and read. What we speak and write and hear and read is propaganda….It is not the words that are really empty. It is men themselves when they speak and hear empty words. It is the I which is emptied in relation to the Thou, one empty subject confronting another” (CD III.2 260).

(A sign outside the airline gate at Burbank Airport. As I boarded my AA flight, I thought, "That's the strangest sign I've ever seen at an airport.")

(A little bit of golf in LA with my good friend Jeffrey Travis.)

(Sign at the entrance to Biola University on the day I spoke. I had a fabulous time there, by the way. I'll post a note shortly. But the question is: Which "one" on art? Where exactly can I find the "David Taylor Gym"? And was there only one "Commuter" in chapel that day? You could probably write an impressive dissertation on the cultural dynamics of marquee signs.)


sam said…
beat to the punch! i was hoping to convince our church to have you in too.

will phaedra come? i'd love to meet her and talk shop someday.

:) samantha
Well ... maybe something could work out to connect with All Angels artists. I don't know. It'll probably be a short visit. We could talk to Albert P. or others? I am hoping Phaedra will come with me. I'd looooove for you both to meet. You have way too much in common.

It'll certainly be fun to see you and Russ in your new world.

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