The CDC and 2 Dancing Dudes

CDC Warning: "Do not do this."

This swine, er, fine, pic is courtesy of Phaedra's dad.

I've got plenty to report from my visit to the Q conference last week, and a blessing ceremony for a newly minted arts pastor down in San Antonio, and our forthcoming trip to upstate New York to lead a retreat for artists and creatives. But my cabeza is tired at the moment, so I'm depositing lighter fare for now. To use Terri Fisher's phrase, Phaedra and I are learning to "abandon ourselves to hope" in a season when things don't always go according to plan, and sometimes you just need a little bit of silly laughter to keep going.

The two dancing dudes below don't have much in common, at least not in what we witness in these videos. But they do share one characteristic: courage. You may or may not like what they do artistically. Both, however, exhibit a great deal of courage in their respective performances. Without courage you can't make your best art; indeed you won't make your best art. But as sure as the sun rises, your best art lives on the other side of many, many acts of courage.

So go for it, my artist friends.

(That sounds, I know, like something Stephen Covey would say. Still, it's true. And I bet David Bayles and Ted Ortland would agree.)

1. Dancing Dude #1

2. Dancing Dude #2
[YouTube has disabled the embedding function. You'll have to go here to see it. Oh me. It's so bizarrely funny. If you're in a bummer mood, do yourself a favor and click on the link. It's never to late, my friends, never too late.]

And one bonus video with Dom Deluise.

Ok, I can't help myself, this one is hilarious.


so many ideas for games we could play this weekend at the retreat! and i'm wondering what would happen if Susan Boyle and this Andy-dancing-guy got together??

(thanks for the laughs)
L.L. Barkat said…
omg, I'm just loving the kiss...

(different note... could you tell me the name of that short film you played at Laity Lodge... the math one?)
Tamara: we're going to have a blast in upstate NY. We're so looking forward to being with the artists at Union Center Christian Church.

Laura: the film is called FLATLAND. If you google "Flatland the movie and Jeffrey Travis," you should find it.
Sarah said…
I gotta say that I'm jealous of the first man's energy and courage! The criticism that I would have is that in our culture we want art to be a specticle, when in truth most visual art is labor-intensive and skill-based. I'd love to see what this artist can do in the studio over three months.

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