The HopeArts Fest in Pictures

Here are a sample of photographs from our summer festival. A good time was had by all. In order of pics:

- the banner
- 3 from the Acoustic Showcase
- 4 from the Visual Art opening
- 2 from the Children's Art Pavilion
- 3 from the Classical Concert
- 2 interviewing and praying for Pamela Nelson, our guest visual artist
- 3 from the Spoken Word event
- 3 from Rick Van Dyke's Creativity Circus
- 2 from the CS Lewis one-man show plus 1 from Sunday morning interview with David Payne
- the custom-made water bottles packaged by local company, Cielo Water


ceciliabrie said…
HOW did your sister manage to have FOUR of the most adorable children on the planet? those are such precious photos of their wondrous faces.

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