Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The HopeArts Fest in Pictures

Here are a sample of photographs from our summer festival. A good time was had by all. In order of pics:

- the banner
- 3 from the Acoustic Showcase
- 4 from the Visual Art opening
- 2 from the Children's Art Pavilion
- 3 from the Classical Concert
- 2 interviewing and praying for Pamela Nelson, our guest visual artist
- 3 from the Spoken Word event
- 3 from Rick Van Dyke's Creativity Circus
- 2 from the CS Lewis one-man show plus 1 from Sunday morning interview with David Payne
- the custom-made water bottles packaged by local company, Cielo Water

1 comment:

ceciliabrie said...

HOW did your sister manage to have FOUR of the most adorable children on the planet? those are such precious photos of their wondrous faces.